Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time to Accessorize!

Curb appeal counts and we have been working hard to make The Coral Cottage as gorgeous as she can be.  You can catch up with our previous progress by clicking on this link:  Coral Cottage Gets a Facial.

One of my readers commented that painting the house was like helping her into her party clothes.  I love that description!  Well now it is time to accessorize!

Here is the Coral Cottage in her party clothes:

And so the fun begins with a little metal awning over the front door.  It's amazing how a small overhang like this can change the house--it adds some dimension to a fairly 
flat facade.



Better huh?

Horton Remodeling built some shutters for the windows and painted them a bright lime green!  They are dangling down below the windows in this next photo like a lady is holding them up to see if they work with her outfit.

What do you think?  Do you like them?  Thursday I will show you how they look across the front of the house...hope to see you then!


  1. They'll be great for Tybee. I don't think they would go over well where I live though! LOL

  2. Know what you mean Julie--Don't think they would do here at my primary residence either. But they will be just right for the Coral Cottage!

  3. would you mind sharing the color name of the door? I love the bright happy look of it. I have a twin bed I am looking for a coral color to paint it. That looks like just the right color.

    1. Janet, We picked the color in a Sherwin-Williams paint fan and then had it matched and mixed in Benjamin Moore. I used the Sherwin Williams paint for some of the cottage's furniture and it turned out so pretty! I will be showing that in the next week or two. The Sherwin Williams color is called Coral Reef and it is #6606.