Friday, April 19, 2013

Gorgeous Art--So Hard to Choose!

I grew up in a home where photography and art and design were considered to be necessities, not luxuries.  Mom and Daddy both painted as a hobby and I am a beneficiary of their creative efforts with several of their paintings gracing my walls.  They are a treasured reminder of two wonderful people who have now gone to heaven.

Bill and Dorothy Griffin at Tybee circa 1955
I love beautiful paintings so last October when my husband asked me what I would like for my birthday I said "I want a Bellamy painting for our cottage."  

Bellamy Murphy is a Savannah artist whose work has captured the attention of many of the shelter magazines and is collected by many folks around the world (including the rich and famous) and now by little ole me!

I met Bellamy when Isle of Hope (a charming neighborhood along Savannah's Skidaway River) held an arts festival featuring local musicians and artists.  

This painting looks like it could be a view from the bluff at Isle of Hope.
 There were a number of artists in the park but Bellamy's booth was particularly crowded with admirers.  I loved everything she had and could not make up my mind--I wanted them all!

  I left, unable to make a decision, and decided to visit her studio in the near future.

 A few weeks later when I stopped by, Bellamy was busy doing commissioned work and was working hard to fill her Christmas orders.  I was somewhat relieved that I had more time to make up my mind--saying yes to one painting meant saying no to the others and I just wasn't able to narrow my choice down yet.  It was fun to get to go to her studio, meet her little puppies and see where all the magic happened though!

Well--this week I decided it was time to claim my birthday present!  I looked at Bellamy's website and once again coveted (sorry but I have to be honest) them all but I saw one painting that had all the colors I would like to use in our beach cottage and felt ready to commit!

So I called and arranged to go by the studio while I was in Savannah last week and I am thrilled to say I now own my first Bellamy painting!  I'll show it to you next time!

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