Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Demo! "After" Is Better Than "Before"!

Remember Ty Pennington from Home Improvement TV show fame?  He took such delight in the demolition stage of the building project with his megaphone!  Sometimes he would even take down the whole house!

 We have been in the demo stage at our little beach cottage for about a month.  We aren't taking down the whole house but things certainly look different from the Before pictures.  We actually have had a few happy surprises!

Here's the Livingroom/Diningroom Before

And here is the Living/Diningroom after demo

The room looks so big now thanks to removing the wall between the rooms.  And don't you love the vaulted ceiling we found when the low stippled ceiling was removed?  Once the sheetrock and bamboo paper came down we found wonderful wood walls.  Also it was a happy discovery to see wood floors underneath the carpet.

Yaaay!  I think I like the "After" better than the "Before".   If everything goes like this in the rest of the demolition stage, I'll be a happy lady!

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