Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Doc Holiday"--The Perfect Prescription!

It seems that most of the cottages at Tybee Island have been named fun names.  I love that about Tybee and I've been thinking about a name for our beach cottage.  This cottage is going to be "our place", a place for me, my too-busy husband, and our family and friends to enjoy as a little oasis.  

At first I had been planning to name it after my Pinterest board, "Seas the Day", but I've changed my mind.  "Seas the Day" sounds like you need to get busy and fill up your day doing something extremely useful and significant--that's what Henry and his partners and staff do 
just about every day.

(Please don't be fussed that I used this picture from three years ago, Honey...I wanted to use one of you in your white coat and the only ones I had filed on my computer were this one or one from 1980 on the day you opened your practice!)
I want this cottage to be a refuge, a place to unplug, relax, play, recharge--those are important things too!  The name needs to reflect that.  Since Henry is a physician and this is a vacation home for us, the name "Doc Holiday" keeps coming to my mind.  If we lived on the marsh, I could call it "Dock Holiday" but we don't--no matter, I'm pretty satisfied with "Doc".

So "Doc Holiday" it is--and here's to hoping that we and the guests of this cottage will find that a stay here is the perfect prescription for whatever ails us!