Friday, April 12, 2013

The "Before" Grand Tour!

It's time to take the grand tour--the "Before" grand tour, that is! The previous owners took most of the furniture before the house was moved so now we can get a good view of the rooms .   I'll try to "walk" you through so you understand the layout...

Here's the Front Porch.

  Eventually we will have stairs on the right side of the house and will enter  from the right side of the porch (just past the swing).  The entrance used to be right in front of the front door but to meet setback codes and still have room to park, we moved it.  You can see the front door on the left side of the photo.

How does that little poem go?....  "Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly..."  Well, here's our Living room/Parlor.

Wow--that's some attention-grabbing wallpaper!
In the above photo, the door on the left goes to a bedroom (future bunk room)--we are planning to move the door over to the right and to put 2 sets of built-in bunk beds in this room.  The door on the right opens into what will be the dining room.  Our plan is to take down the wall between the living room and dining room.

Here's the Bunk Room (to be)

We will take out the closet and put bunks along the wall with the fake paneling and there will be another set of bunks on the opposite wall (where I am standing to take the picture).

Dining Room

View as you step into the dining room from the living room opening--straight ahead behind the dining room is the current kitchen which will be converted into a bedroom.

 Let's take a look at that Kitchen/Bedroom-to-Be.

My headboard will be against the wall where the little stove is :)  There is an adjoining full bathroom to this room so it made more sense to me to make the room a bedroom.

Now back to the Dining Room for a moment....

View from the opposite corner of the dining room from the previous dining room photo--You can see two doors--the left looks back to the living room and the right one is currently a bedroom but will become the kitchen.

Our Future Kitchen

Ah yes, the lovely and popular bamboo wallpaper once again.  Are we going to keep it?  That's a no.  We will remove the closet and an opening will be made to connect the kitchen and dining spaces 
with a bar for folks to sit at and eat.

On the opposite wall from the eating space is a Connector to the "little house".  The connector will house a powder room, laundry room, owner's closet and the water heater and electrical panel.  It will also be the way out to the back deck and stairs.

At this point the tour ends--there was no floor across to the "little house" which will hold a bedroom with its own tiny front porch and bathroom.   

And there you have it--demo is coming up next--not the Ty Pennington kind where the house is leveled but lots of ceilings and walls will be coming downGrab your hard hat!

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