Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can You See The Possibilities?

I hope you had a safe, fun holiday.  It's hard to return to the business of life when you've had a few days off, isn't it?  But after taking off completely for Labor Day and working hard yesterday, today I can finally take some time to write a blog post!
I'd like to show you what I've done so far in the third bedroom at Doc Holiday.  
It started out as a kitchen...
It had an adjoining full bath which seemed a little awkward to me so I decided to swap rooms and make this room a bedroom with ensuite bath and what used to be a bedroom (that you had to pass through to get to other rooms) became the kitchen.  We also created a new door to the back deck so that people would not have to come through this room to get outside.

The room was basically gutted.  Out came the old cabinets, appliances, chimney, and closet!
Happy discoveries were the wood floors and beautiful old boards that made up the 
walls and ceiling!  And I am crazy about the old door that leads into the bathroom!
It's rough but can you see the possibilities? Can't wait to show you what came next!

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