Monday, June 10, 2013

Coast Awhile Cottage Kitchen: Our Work Is Cut Out For Us!

I've got big news!  Coast Awhile Cottage has a new owner!  Yes, that's right--we're sad and glad that, after only one week of being listed, a lovely lady and her family made an offer and bought it as their second home.  I hope they will love it as much as we do.

With their permission I will continue to share how Jane Coslick and I transformed the cottage into a magical place--or at least that is how the first guests of the cottage described it.

So on we go to the kitchen at Coast Awhile Cottage!  Let me show you the "Before" photos taken on the day of the due diligence inspection prior to buying the house 
a little over a year ago.

One major problem was pointed out--the circuit breaker panel in the corner above the counter.  Not only it is cosmetically unappealing but it turns out to also be a violation of building code.

 On the plus side the range is new and we may be able to paint the cabinets and reuse them.  On the negative side the floor is ugly--ditto the counter top and backsplash-- and they need to be replaced. We also need some decent light fixtures.

Our work is cut out for us!

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