Friday, June 21, 2013

Doc Holiday Update: Nearing The Finish Line!

I've scheduled a move-in date for Wednesday of next week--a move-in of many of the furnishings, that is.  We will have to wait for a certificate of occupancy before we will be allowed to stay in the house.  There are lots of inspections that must happen before we get that precious certificate---so that's what we're working toward.

This week our electrician and his crew finished installing light fixtures and putting on the electrical cord for the range (you have to buy them separately--who knew?)

Georgie, one of the electricians just finished installing the power cord for the range.  How do you like my chandelier?  It was an inexpensive new one from Home Depot that we sprayed blue and now it is time to decorate it with shells!

 The plumbers have been working and all the toilets have been set, the faucets are in, and 
the showers are installed...

There is just one problem that I can't live happily with and that is the water heater--it is sticking out too far into the doorway.  

We've got to solve this problem because I want to hide it and I don't think I can cover up a water heater that juts out like that.  Nope, not gonna happen--we are working on a solution.

 The kitchen is coming along.  All of the cabinets and counter tops are installed and they are working on building me a little pantry.  
If you look very carefully above the sink to the left you can see the breakfast bar that the carpenter, Steve, built out of wood reclaimed from the house. It came from the wall that used to separate the living room and dining room.  I'm a little bummed that I forgot to take a better picture of it.

The door leaning against the wall may wind up being the wood source for the pantry door.

And that is what has been happening...stay tuned.  We're nearing the finish line and
next week is a big week!


  1. So exciting it is coming together at the last minute. I will keep fingers crossed hoping you will get your certificate. I agree with you about the water heater. It doesn't look bad in the picture but if " momma ain't happy" !

    1. i just don't like looking at it every time I walk down the hall. Water heaters just aren't that pretty :)

  2. I feel a bit crunched :/ Somehow or another it will happen--you're right! Thanks for the vote of confidence and for the lovely party today!