Friday, June 7, 2013

Doc Holiday Update: Holding My Breath!

I made a very quick trip to Tybee to check on Doc Holiday this week but I left a day early when I saw that Tropical Storm Andrea was heading for Savannah!  Thankfully Savannah and Tybee were spared as the course of the storm changed during the evening.  Doc Holiday is none the worse for wear--just rain without the high winds!  Here's what's been happening...
We are now the proud owners of an outside owner's closet!

And there is an area blocked off under the house for bicycles and beach paraphernalia to be stored away from the eyes of people passing by...

The screened area under the house is up and awaiting trim--but we have a screen door!
The front porch floor has been sanded and is ready for porch paint.  I think I've decided I want a coral colored door and there was a little paint left (see can on floor?) from doing The Coral Cottage that we will slap on the door to see how we like it.
The outdoor shower is a work in progress...
 and Steve from Anthony's crew built me these gorgeous doors that we can open if we want to park under the house!  But if they are closed they fit in with the Tybee lattice and 
give so much curb appeal! 

There was a big pile of granite gravel that had been dumped in the driveway.  It should be spread by the time I get back to Tybee!
We've got a good crew and we're making progress!  Will we be in by July 4th?  
I'm holding my breath!

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  1. Thanks! It's changing daily! Still holding my breath!