Friday, June 28, 2013

Tybee Here I Come!

IKEA.  When our closest IKEA store opened a few years ago it was announced in a huge headline by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  What?  I thought it was strange that they 
should herald one store opening.  What's the big deal?

For weeks it was reported that you needed to make an appointment to see the new IKEA store.  The lines were so long that you had to have a reservation to get in.  Really?  I thought it was strange that anyone would be willing to stand in line just to see a store.
Then I went to IKEA....
And then I got it.  Love at first sight.  This is the perfect place to shop for high style-reasonable quality- low budget goods that don't have to last for a lifetime.  Perfect for our beach house.
It took a couple extra days to obtain a U-Haul truck--seems that June is a busy month for many people to move.  No matter how many times I have driven a big truck, it always seems to be a little nerve-wracking especially when I have to drive to Midtown Atlanta!  This pictures captures my feelings pretty well!
 It was mid-week and the hubs was not available to drive me since he was working so I asked Loretta to go with me for moral support and because she is very strong (IKEA is self-service.)

We shopped my list and thankfully, Marvin, one of IKEA's finest, was available and came to our aid.   Good thing because we had 4 huge, heavy shopping carts to maneuver!  Marvin loaded the big boxes onto the carts and helped us get everything to the cash register. 

 Then Tiffany checked us out at the cash register.

 Did I mention there was a lot of stuff?

Oh yeah...gotta pay.

At long last we got our things out and loaded onto the truck.  A nice employee came over and offered to assist Loretta in getting the larger pieces on the truck.

And we managed to get out of Atlanta before rush hour!  Next comes loading all the Tybee goods that are at home--then the drive to Doc Holiday!  Tybee here I come!


  1. I am so excited for you that it is all coming together! Can't wait to see all the goodies from Ikea. That is the one store I miss since moving to the panhandle of Florida.