Friday, June 14, 2013

Doc Holiday Update: People, I Need Prayer!

I'm keeping the road from home to Tybee well-traveled these days as we race to finish Doc Holiday!  Here are a few recent developments...
The wood floors are refinished now and they are sooo pretty!  Here they were with one coat of polyurethane in satin...

Now that the second coat of polyurethane is on the floor it has a beautiful sheen!

They were putting paper down on the floor to protect it.
 The painters are working hard this week.  The rooms with sheetrock are being painted with Sherwin-Williams paint, SW 6483 Buoyant Blue, with white trim.

 The wood walls are getting Martha Stewart Living's #8002 Glass of Milk in semi-gloss.  We are doing a little sanding and caulking but are leaving the more cottagey, rustic look.

Here is the main living space getting a coat of primer.  White walls, even in primer, 
make such a difference.

And on the outside we added a window to the front of the house.  And how do you like 
the coral paint on the front door?

The pace has picked up as everyone races to get us into the house by the first week of July.  My mission right now is painting furniture--with my friend Loretta and I working hard I hope to have everything ready to use in a week and a half!  People, I need prayer.


  1. It's a nailbiter! I am sure that we will be nowhere near perfect by the 4th of July week but I'll be happy if we can just get our certificate of occupancy!

  2. OHHH it is looking good! I will keep fingers crossed for you..Good Luck....

    1. Thanks Janet! They're making steady progress everyday!