Monday, June 3, 2013

Shop What You've Got!

Coast Awhile Cottage is a biggie--5 bedroom house and a 1 bedroom apartment all under one roof!  It took a lot of hunting and gathering to fill it up!  When the house was ready for decorating, Jane Coslick and I placed the furniture in the rooms and then we put most of the decor items in one spot--like a store where we could "shop" what we needed.
Here is the Pillow Department...
The Bedding Department (some of the fabric remnants I got at a sale are there waiting to be made into pillows...
Let there be light...the Lamp Department
Mirrors and Artwork Department
And last but not least,  Hooks (an important thing for beach houses)
I'm crazy about my fishbone hook!
It is good to lay everything out so you can see what you have and what you still need.  Sometimes when you have a chance to play with all the pretties, you can come up with fresh ideas and combinations that you might not have considered at first.
Next post I want to finish up what we started in this post and this one as I show you how the living room at Coast Awhile Cottage turned out!


  1. AW-Some..I can't wait to see it all come together. You guys are coming up with the cutest ideas!Everything looks so fresh and fun. What is Tybee lattice? you have mentioned it a few times.

    1. Hey Janet, Tybee lattice is a style of dressing up the ground level around the houses that are up on piers. In most above ground Tybee homes, there are boards spaced with just enough space between to allow for airflow and light. We used 1 x 4's (I think) at Doc Holiday as shown in this post at

  2. are one busy chick!!! Does this make 3 cottages that you've redone? I'm so gonna have to get down there to check it all out! Love me up some Tybee!! It's where my girlfriends and I from all over the country meet up for "girl time"!! Loving your in-house department store! thanks for the tips about my lake house. I'm leaving country on Sunday for a week and I'm having them paint whole house while I'm gone. Crazy, right? I know. I know. just don't wannna be there while it's happening. Hope I got my colors just right!!!

    1. Wish you would come--I'd love to meet you! I think you're smart to leave while the painting is done. Just put in writing what paint to use on which surfaces/rooms/etc so that they can refer to it and you have proof so you can get a do-over if they goof up! Hope it is just perfect when you get back!