Monday, June 17, 2013

Going From Awful To Awesome!

I hope I'm not making you confused by jumping back and forth between Doc Holiday and Coast Awhile Cottage.  This Friday I'll give you a new update on Doc Holiday but today and tomorrow, let me show you how the kitchen at Coast Awhile went from awful to awesome.

I showed you in this post and this one the "Before".  It seemed like demolition would never end but finally the day came when we could put it back together again.  Once the wiring and the plumbing were completed, Peter Dittmar hung bead board and we brought in new cabinets from Lowes to replace the ones that were damaged.

 We painted the walls with Sherwin Williams paint SW 6469 Dewey.  It was a very soft green--sort of like a pale sea glass color.

How do you like the lights we hung over the bar?
Jane Coslick and I found this tile on clearance at Home Depot and thought it would 
look good for the backsplash. 

This photo may not show the color accurately on your monitor but there is a pretty green tile among these tiles--it has a watery look.

The kitchen was well on it's way!


  1. Such a pretty soft color. I have seen the bar lights at Lowes and really liked them. They even look better in your cottage. It is coming together. It would have been so hard for me to sell it. You have been one buzy chica!

    1. Yes, Janet, it was hard to sell it. After putting so much time and attention into it I almost felt like I was selling a family member. lol Thankfully the family that bought it really loves it and plans to keep it as it is--that helps.