Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beauty Instead Of A Beast!

I'm excited to show you the living room/dining room at Doc Holiday!  It started off 
as two rooms...  

Here's a photo of the living room "before" with its not-so-lovely blue bamboo wallpaper (probably all the rage in the '70's) and the opening leading into the dining room.
After a lot of consideration Henry and I decided to remove the wall between the two rooms and open the space up.

We were super-excited to find wood walls behind all that bamboo wallpaper!   And, once the low, stippled-sheetrock ceiling was removed, it was great  to see that the wood ran all the way up to cover the vaulted ceiling!  And there was a wood floor underneath the yucky carpet!
Blessing upon blessing!

The carpenters removed some of the ceiling to allow for cleaning (you don't want to know) and access for the insulation foam to be applied.
Finding something positive during the demolition phase was a new experience for me. Usually I live with a little black cloud of dread hanging over me during demo because usually the news is bad news.  Expensive news.  This time--good news.  Thrilling!

I actually think the room looks more beautiful after demo than before.  Even in its raw state, it's a beauty instead of a beast!  Can't wait to show you more.


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