Friday, September 13, 2013

Aiming For Plu-Perfect!

It's time to show you the second master bedroom at Doc Holiday--at least what it looked like right after we moved all the furniture in.  At first I thought maybe I should wait to blog about this room until I had it exactly the way I want it to be--"plu-perfect" as my hubby calls things when they are exactly right.  But then I decided to be honest--it's pretty now but it is a 
work in progress.  Here goes!
 In July when I brought the U-Haul to Tybee for the move into Doc Holiday, there were a few frantic days trying to set up while last-minute construction was still ongoing and I knew I had family showing up in a few days for a fun week at the beach.  Not much time to shop.  And strangely not much that worked for my house when I did go to my favorite stores. 

So I took what I had and did my best.  The adults in our family prefer king size beds so I found a headboard I liked for a great price on eBay and painted it with Sherwin-Williams semi-gloss paint in Frolic SW 6703.  This is what it looked like right after painting. 

Sorry about all the furniture in front of it--we had quite a few pieces awaiting their turn to be painted.
 I like lots of vintage things but vintage mattresses--not so much!  So we bought a new mattress and bed frame in Savannah.  There is no footboard by design.  In a small room it is best to go with just the headboard--a footboard would take up too much room visually and make the room feel even smaller.  
 This was my first attempt at arranging the bed with the pillows I had on hand...
On my next trip to Tybee, Jane Coslick and I rearranged things a bit and the lamps were swapped out.  This photo only shows one lamp--that's all Savannah's Kirkland's had but I had one on hold at the Conyers store.  So here's Take Two...

Like I said, a work in progress...
This is the dresser I posted about here.

   And because you always need clothes and towel hooks at the beach...
As you can tell from this photo, we decided to leave that old, deliciously chippy-paint door that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom.  As Jane would say, it's perfectly imperfect!   It was too good to discard but beware tall people:  You need to duck your head!
 And that is where I am currently with this master bedroom.  It's pretty, comfy and a nice place to lay your head...but am I finished?  Am I satisfied?  Nope.  Not yet.   I am not going to stop working on it until I think it is "plu-perfect".  (Perfectionism...It's a disease.)

What about you?  Do you have any works in progress? 

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