Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treasures Galore!

I'm a clutter-bug.  All you have to do is check out my closets and you can tell.  Apparently other people suffer from the same affliction--only their extra stuff is more exciting than mine--and they are consigning it at a store in Savannah.  The store is appropriately named Clutter.

Clutter is no Goodwill-type store where you pull up to the curb and drop off your old stuff.  In order to consign your wares, you have to pass the screening by emailing photos to the owner.  She is very selective and the result is an assortment of amazing goods.  It's such fun!
 Let me show you what I was drawn to the last time I popped in for a look!

Somebody had a fabulous collection of coral (real, not faux).  These were my favorites...

  Look at these gorgeous mirrors!

 And there were some really great chandeliers...

There is an artist in Savannah who makes these cool industrial chandeliers--this one could have been on somebody's roof top at one time!

And I'm crazy for this shell chandelier!

Not sure how practical it is but this table covered with shells is certainly a conversation piece.

This display of authentic Amazonian Indian headpieces stopped me in my tracks!  My husband, with American Indian in his blood, loved it!  The feathers had such vibrant colors and each piece was so artfully crafted. It was better than a museum because you could handle them 
if you wanted to.

There is always something new every time I visit.  Treasures galore!  Love.

Where do you go to look for treasure?  Do you have any favorite haunts?  Any great spots for bargains?  Do share.


  1. Thanks for stopping in, Vicky! Just seeing this, but love how you described us!!

    1. So glad you stopped by--and hope you'll come back again. I've been blogging about decorating my Tybee beach cottages with Jane Coslick.