Monday, September 30, 2013

From Demo To Delightful!

Last time I showed you the living room/dining room area of the house "before" and just after demolition.  We removed a wall to open the spaces up into one room.  Let me take you through the process that prepared the room for furniture.

The five panel doors were installed for the bunk room (to the left) and one of the master
bedrooms (straight ahead). 

The floors were sanded...

 Then they were stained and the first coat of polyurethane went down...

And this is how it looked after the final coats of poly went down...

My design guru Jane Coslick had been campaigning all along for us to add a window to the front of the house and the left of the front door (from the inside).  She was quite passionate about it and finally I listened to reason. The window was cut in just as primer was going up.  Good call Jane!

Isn't it amazing how much brighter the room looks just with the primer?

And finally we get to the paint.  This is a Martha Stewart color called Glass of Milk MSL 8002.
We used a semi-gloss.

 I ran inside and quickly took a few pictures just before bringing in the furniture.

Thanks for stopping by!  Can't wait to show you how the room is turning time.  


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