Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Razzle Dazzle with a Beachy Vibe!

I love to shop eBay, Craig's List, and flea markets--sifting through the used and cast-off items to find potential treasures. It's not that I have anything against buying new--but as Anne of Green Gables would say there's "more scope for the imagination" in re-purposing old things.
Even better than buying good used furniture is re-purposing free family hand-me-downs.  And that is what I decided to do with this old dresser that once belonged to my parents.

First came sanding, priming with Zinsser Cover Stain with the gold label, and sanding again.

 Then it was time to paint.

This mid-century modern dresser had the simple, unadorned lines of furniture from that era and I was trying to think how to give it a little razzle dazzle with a beach-y vibe.  Taking a cue from something I saw on Pinterest I decided to paint each drawer a different color.  
Actually it was the same color in different levels of saturation.  I used Sherwin-Williams paint in semi-gloss with the lightest color on top and getting darker as we went to lower drawers. 

 First, I had SW 6763 Retiring Blue mixed and after painting the top drawer front, I requested the store to add pigment to make it into SW 6764 Swimming.  Once the next drawer was painted, we darkened the paint to SW 6765 Spa.  I painted the third drawer and the rest of the dresser with Spa.
Then I purchased one more can of paint in SW 6766 Mariner,  painted the next drawer, and  had the paint darkened to SW 6767 Aquarium for the bottom drawer.
I found these cool jute rope knobs on and ordered enough for the top two drawers.
I went to a marina store in Savannah and bought these boat cleats to use as handles on the lower drawers.
 This is how the dresser turned out!

 How do you like it?  Have you done any fun projects lately?


  1. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!! what a clever idea!!

    1. Thanks! I'm so pleased to be able to use Mama's old dresser and have it fit in at the cottage!

  2. Wow wow and wow! I am doing catch up tonight on your blog. I have been recovering from knee replacement surgery and have been saving yours and Jane Coslick's so I can really enjoy! My you have been busy. Love the lime green chandelier and all the posts. Colors on the dresser are so pretty. What a cute idea.

  3. Thanks Janet! So good to hear from you again! Hope your knee heals up quickly!