Friday, September 6, 2013

Time For A New Plan!

Things frequently don't always go as planned in remodeling.  Jane Coslick and I had already discussed our furniture layout for this master bedroom.  There really wasn't room for very much furniture--a king size bed, night stands, a chest of drawers, wall-mounted TV and maybe a small chair.  I knew exactly where everything was going to go.

Then one day after being away for a week, I walked into the house to check progress and froze in my tracks.  In the place where I planned to put my chair...

...I saw this :(

Let's just say that Mama was not happy and you know what that means.  Phone calls were made to the contractor and the air-conditioning company and they both came to defend their decision.  After a long discussion, they convinced me that it was necessary for the purpose of function to put the HVAC in that very spot.

I still wasn't happy but I had to adjust.  Time for a new plan.  Sooo... I decided to put a 
closet next to the HVAC.

The dresser will be on the wall to the left of the window and behind the bathroom door.  There won't be room for a chair but it can't be helped.  I had to choose between a chair and having my air conditioning cool effectively.  No brainer--I went with the AC.  

Jane gave me some very good advice:  Don't put your energy into fretting over what can't be changed;  save it for what you do have some control over!

We had to move a door also to allow for better traffic flow in the bedroom and the 
adjoining dining room.  There was also the matter of the former fireplace that had to be removed by the house movers.

See the hole in the floor and the wall above where the chimney used to be?  The chimney had to be taken out before the house was moved and we decided not to replace it.

We were out of recycled boards with which to patch the wall, so beadboard was used instead.  We had it applied horizontally so it would mimic the other walls.  Once painted, we thought 
it would blend in just fine.

The bedroom really started to come together when the floor was refinished.

We've come a long way from this.  I have hope. 

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