Monday, July 1, 2013

You Haul, I Haul, We All Haul With U-Haul!

Wow!  What a week!  My cell phone has been overworked as I have been calling and texting back and forth with various contractors, furniture stores, mattress stores, truck rental stores, etc.  And then all at once it was time to actually take our stuff to Tybee!
I tend to obsess about things--It's my perfectionist self struggling to deal with imperfection in my circumstances, my stuff, and in myself and others.  At one point my designer-friend, Jane Coslick, advised me to limit my worrying to the things I could control and to let go of the things I could not control.  Good advice.
I decided to accept the fact that my house is going to be a work in progress and not a finished product--at least for a while.  It's okay that it is not instantly perfect.  It may never be perfect but it will be perfect for me. 

So for the third time this year Henry packed the truck full.  Last night our son Jonathan was around and lent a hand which was such a blessing!
And today my U-Haul truck and I made the trip down to Tybee!
The Tybee Girl Helpers--Patricia, Heather and Rene--unloaded the truck on what had to be one of the most humid, warm days of the summer.  The heat was compounded by the fact that  
Doc Holiday's AC was having issues (the technician came quickly to fix it 
by the end of the day.)
 The ladies put my Ikea sofa together.

(We love to unpack the cushions because it's fun to watch them puff up after having all the air squished out of them when they are sealed up in the packaging.)
Sit and Sleep also came by to deliver one king mattress.  They were supposed to deliver 2 kings and 4 twins but their delivery had not come in so they brought what they had.  Oops!  We'll get them later in the week.
And this is how things look today--"Before" we arrange the rooms.

The black trash bags are full of throw pillows!
I'm here, my stuff is here and that's good enough for me.  Can't wait to get started organizing things and decorating.  Tomorrow.

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