Monday, July 22, 2013


We are blessed to have a bunch of sweet grands...
...and we want to be able to squeeze as many as possible into Doc Holiday, our little cottage at Tybee Island.  Sooo---we decided to make one of the bedrooms into a bunk room with four bunks.  Then we can have one of our kids, their spouse and all their kids 
visit us at one time. 

These are the "Before"photos of the room that will become the bunk room.
Full size bed fills the space--this is not a very big room.

Demolition and discovery came next---here's what we found.  There used to be a window that looked to the front porch.  We will have to close it up so we can put beds on that wall.
There also used to be a door in a different location.  We only need one door and will close the opening on the right and use the one we found on the left. 
This will allow us to fit two built in bunk beds at each end of the room.  It won't be a big 
room but it will be a cozy room!

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