Thursday, July 25, 2013

Putting Things Back--Only Better!

The bunk room at Doc Holiday is done with demo in these photos and ready to be put back together again--only better!  It is a very small room and my plan is to put two sets of bunk beds in and still have some floor space.  This was how the space was planned out...

The original door was closed up and we made a new door out of another opening we discovered during the demolition. 

You can see where they have framed out the old door space in preparation for closing it in.
 Then we insulated and closed up the wall.  Since this room borders the living room, porch and kitchen we used sound-proofing insulation so that the grown-ups could still visit and watch TV after the kiddos went to bed.  

Take a look at the walls--aren't they cool?  Catskill Builders put all of the salvageable wood in piles according to length and reused as much as possible--that patchwork 
wall of colors is reclaimed wood!

And look at the walls that have the X shape on them.  Our contractor is wondering if the family that added this room onto the house salvaged the wood for the walls from train boxcars?  It gives the room great character and our carpenters have shored everything up according to code so it is safe!

One set of bunks will go along the patchwork wall... 


and the other set of bunks will be on the opposite wall.  We ran out of reclaimed boards so we used bead board for this wall.  There is a solid 5 panel wood door for sound control and it is in the old style to go with the other doors original to the house.

 As you can see, the electrician has been at work putting an individual light and light switch for each bunk!   

All that is left now is to sand and refinish the floor and paint the room---and oh yes, bunk beds.

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