Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This Kitchen Gets Some Bling!

When I left you last time our kitchen was almost completed.  All we were lacking was a pantry which John Lindsay from Catskill Builders built to fit the space we had available.

You can see the pantry against the wall looking slightly rustic--just the way we want it.  But if you look closely you'll see something is not quite right yet...

This kitchen needs some bling!  I always think of the knobs as being like the jewelry accessorizing an outfit.  Budget had to be considered so I chose inexpensive pulls for the cabinet doors and splurged a little on the drawer knobs.

I found some great candidates.  Looky, looky!

Here are the sources for the hardware starting with the top row going left to right and 
working down.  I found most of them and many more at which has a huge selection of knobs with beach and nautical themes.

This was my edited list of candidates.  There were so many great knobs to choose from.  The Liberty Seaside Cottage collection was huge and temptingly affordable!  So what did I choose?

I decided to use the bright chrome Starfish knobs from Siro for the nine drawers in the kitchen.  

For the cabinets I preferred the Hickory Hardware pulls from Lowes but since I splurged on the drawer pulls, I chose the inexpensive Liberty Newton cabinet pulls that were in stock at Home Depot.  They look fine!
Then for the pantry doors I couldn't resist the seahorses that face each other.  I chose the nickel finish which is brighter than the picture shown below.  Here's one seahorse...

After a marathon shopping trip to furnish the kitchen with dishes, appliances, pots and pans, etc. and it's hardware finery installed, the kitchen is finally all decked out and ready for a party!

The first holiday celebrated at Doc Holiday was Independence Day!  Simple decoration--3 flags in vases.  Gotta make do.

My daughter Meghan painted the corkboard with the chevron pattern as a Mother's Day gift for me!
Come on over!


  1. Looks very inviting! Love the seahorse & starfish knobs - fabulous ideas!