Monday, July 15, 2013

Now We're Cooking!

It amazes me to watch a kitchen remodel--so many steps to get to the grand finale.  I was thankful to have the help of expert kitchen designer, Donna Lodge, to help me with my kitchen plan using the stock cabinets that I purchased while they were on a sale at Lowes.  It was not easy to make the plan because at the time of planning the kitchen, it was being demo-ed and the ceiling slopes quite a bit.

Once the drywall was ready, Catskill Builders began to set the cabinets in place.

Making sure everything is level before bringing in the countertops

The refrigerator is the old one that was left behind by the previous owners.  It has been sitting in the house the whole time and now it has a temporary place to fit in.

This is the spot where the stove will slide in and the microwave/vent above it.
There were no pretty wood walls to give texture to this space and everything in the kitchen looked so white to me so I decided to paint the walls Buoyant Blue, the Sherwin Williams paint color I had loved so much at The Coral Cottage.  It seemed to play well with others when placed with other colors so that was that.

Don't the floors look pretty?  We used Allure plank flooring in Antique Elm--a budget decision since hardwood flooring was out of range.  But I've used it at two other cottages in other colors and been very pleased.

Then it was time for counter tops.  I was under the pressure of a deadline--since we expected to host family in a couple weeks.  I needed to watch my budget so we went with formica-type counters.  No time for special orders so I went with good ole white with a rounded edge that rolled all the way under.  I've found that counters that have that rolled edge that leaves no MDF exposed underneath hold up better and don't warp so badly when steamy dishwashers are being used.

The appliances were delivered and placed--the refrigerator needed to be centered but as you can see we also have the dishwasher and the range and microwave.  Now we're cookin!

All that's left is to build a little pantry and look for the drawer and cabinet handles.  Can't wait to show you what we used for the drawer pulls!


  1. I'm so loving this recap of your quaint lil cottage! and love love love the name!!
    I checked all weekend for a new post...was happy today to see more of your kitchen!
    another one tomorrow??? plz????

    1. Awww...your comments always make my day. I'm working on one now and will share it on Wednesday. Be sure to check back Friday too--I have a super-fun slice of Tybee life to tell everyone about--should be a hoot!