Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doc Holiday--The Tour Begins!

I'm excited to see Doc Holiday coming together!  I was in a hurry last week to put something together quickly before my family's arrival but this weekend when Henry and I go to Tybee, I want to sit and ponder a bit, play with pillows and fabric, and tweak things.

Since there are no pillows to ponder in the kitchen :)  let's start a little tour of Doc Holiday there.  I'd like to start at the beginning and take you through the remodeling process.  So here goes!
As I've shared before here and here, the house was purchased for a dollar and was moved from another location down the street onto our lot.  This is how the kitchen looked in the beginning.  It used to be a bedroom.
Gotta love that harvest gold and avocado green bamboo wallpaper--it was the latest and greatest in the 60's!
 Henry and I wanted to make this room into the kitchen because you had to walk through it to get to the laundry room and the "little house" bedroom.  It seemed to be better traffic flow to walk through a kitchen than through a bedroom.

The previous owners took their pretty little dresser with them--wish it could have stayed.
Once the house was emptied, moved, and anchored on piers, it was time for the demolition and discovery phase.   Demo is usually a scary time for me--you never know what you are going to 
find :(  But we were counting on needing to redo everything so it wasn't quite as scary.

I'm going to show you the same views twice--with the first and then the second layer removed.  Here goes!  One...

And two...

Once again from another angle.  One...

And two...

You can see the future bunk room on the other side of the wall studs.
 Last time.  One...

As walls were ripped out we discovered a window and door opening that had been covered up--right where the man's foot is.  So we closed up the old door on the far right (again traffic flow--this way you don't have to walk through the work space in the kitchen to pass through.)
And Two...

The door is now on the other side of the wall and it's a straight shot to the hallway leading to the little house, laundry room, etc.  The window space has been framed out to become a bar and give us more eating space.

A bit confused?  Next post  I will show you more of what we've done and 
clear things up.

Now it's time for me to go celebrate the hub's birthday!  Happy birthday Henry!

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