Friday, July 12, 2013

Doc Holiday Gets Some 9-1-1!

As I sit down to type up my blog post this evening, there is a huge thunderstorm going on outside--just like the ones I remember from growing up in Savannah.  I like a good thunderstorm!  And the ones at Tybee usually hit hard, rain like crazy, and then pass quickly.  

It's so nice to be safe and cozy inside at Doc Holiday with the man who inspired the cottage's name!  Henry and I are enjoying a "just the two of us" weekend here at Tybee!  Let me take a few minutes to show you what happened to the kitchen once the demolition phase was over.

When all the walls were taken down to the studs, we discovered a former door and window that had been covered over.  The door was in a much better location so we decided to use it and close up the old door.  The window was framed out to connect to the dining room where we could have a bar with bar stools for additional eating space.
We also got our wiring...
and our plumber paid us a call to do the rough-in.
No, the pipe was not left going up so high--this was where the kitchen sink was going to be located.  I just didn't want you to miss it :-)
 Once all the needful but not-so-pretty things were installed the drywall was hung.
Now that is pretty!
Have a good weekend y'all!  I'm going to go have a good weekend too!

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