Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have A Nice Glass Of Milk!

Coast Awhile Cottage was eye-catching from day one but the dark wood walls felt like they belonged in a mountain lake cabin instead of a sun-shiney beach cottage.

It was hard for my hubby to agree to allow the walls to be painted but he finally agreed to trust that it was for the we called in the painters.  
First they had to sand all the walls, a huge undertaking in a house full of wood.

It was a messy, tedious job but necessary.
Finally it was time to prime and then paint the walls with a color called "Glass of milk".
And voila!

Even with the low lighting in the room when this photo was snapped, you can already tell that we now have a canvas on which to put some beachy colors!

 The painters were loathe to paint the fireplace but we had them come back and 
paint it white as well.  We took out the wood-burning stove and repaired some of the bricks that were damaged when the previous owner installed the stove.  

Much better!

Yes, now we're ready to furnish the living room!


  1. Hey Vicki!! Loving the new place!
    and I may have already asked you this but could you tell me names of your blue paint in the living room at coral cottage? Both the walls and the side table color bedside the couch?? Plz pretty pretty plz??? Getting ready to paint our lakehouse and I love the calmness of your room!! thanks a million!!

    1. The walls throughout the Coral Cottage were painted with Sherwin Williams paint SW 6483 called Buoyant Blue. And the side tables were done in Raindrop SW 6485. It is a peaceful color and the furniture is in the same color--only darker. Keeping everything mostly blue and white makes it seem serene but you need to add some pops of other colors (like we did with the lime green and coral) or it can be a little boring.

  2. Yes, it is. The dark wood could be great in a mountain cabin with colorful quilts and such but they just soaked up all the light in a beach house. Glad we did it!