Friday, May 31, 2013

Doc Holiday Update: Fingers Crossed and Prayers Lifted!

I'm down at Tybee this week checking on progress at Doc Holiday--and there's lots of progress to report on!
We now have what the locals call "Tybee lattice" around the bottom of the house giving a 
finished look to the ground level.

And we have a nice roomy owner's closet that was built under the house to hold personal items we want to put away when renting the house plus extras (think fresh replacement linens, extra silverware and dishes, etc.)  that need to be stored for quick access when prepping
the house for guests.

The Allure flooring that I blogged about in this link has been installed and it looks great--it's covered up to protect it from harm right now but you can see just a bit of it under the cabinets...which bring us to cabinets.  The kitchen cabinets are being set in place and very soon the countertops will be ordered.
 Just the other day before my trip to see the house Jordan, one of the workers, kindly sent me a text with this photo of the tiling that was being done in the tub area.

So as you can see things are changing fast!  That's a good thing 'cause we're racing the clock to get finished by July 4th week when I promised our family they could come for a visit.  Fingers crossed and prayers being lifted!


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