Friday, May 10, 2013

Doc Holiday Gets Its "Skin"!

Doc Holiday is quickly getting ready for a holiday to happen!  Recently I showed you how Doc Holiday's "insides" were put in from the outside.  In order to avoid ruining the beautiful interior wood walls most of the house was wired and plumbed from the exterior walls.  It is time for Doc Holiday to get his "skin"!

When the vinyl siding was stripped off the walls looked sort of like boxcar walls.  

As the walls were being dismantled these fasteners were discovered.  Our builder said he has never seen anything like these--how cool is that?

The "boxcar" layer was stripped off and the walls reinforced according to building can see some wiring if you look closely.

The inspector checked everything over--wiring, plumbing, HVAC--and then gave approval for the walls to be closed in.  So next insulation was blown onto all the walls, under the house, and into the ceiling.

Plywood (and windows--yaay) went up next...

The lines drawn on the plywood are called the nail pattern, a guide for the carpenters used to insure the siding is securely attached to the house.

...followed by a moisture barrier.

Now this week the siding is going on!!!

We're getting there!



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