Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Cottages Featured On House of Turquoise!

One of my favorite blogs is House of Turquoise!  If you love the color turquoise, you will love this blog where Erin shares inspirational photos of rooms that feature her favorite color.

Recently Erin's mother-in-law took a little vacation to Tybee Island with her sisters and while she was there my friend and design consultant Jane Coslick took her around to see some of the pretty cottages she has worked on...and guess what?

The Coral Cottage and Coast Awhile Cottage were both featured among the cottages on last week's House of Turquoise blog!!!


  1. I just finished visiting Erin's blog and your cottages. That turquiose stove still makes me ***sigh*** and your bohemeium quilt is just right.Oh and my favorite is the coral chandy because I have the same one. Ha. Is Coast Awhile Cottage yours also? Have your blogged about that cottage? anyway I really enjoyed the tour.

    1. Thanks Janet...and no I haven't blogged about Coast Awhile Cottage yet. It's coming up!