Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let The Painting Begin!

It has been a busy week at Doc Holiday!  Lots of decisions need to be made as we finish up and none more important than choosing paint!  I  went shopping with my color guru, Jane Coslick, to look at paint chips and this is what we decided to try:
It's called "Hummingbird Blue" and it is MSL135.  It looks really good with the lime green which is the color we plan to use for the shutters.

I also saw a house at Tybee that had a really beautiful blue paint and the homeowner was kind enough to make me a little paint chip that I could get matched so we put both colors up on the side and front of the house to compare them and choose.

I like both choices but the Hummingbird Blue (top) looks best with the lime green.  
You've done it again, Jane!

Javier tinted the primer and sprayed it on the house so I could be sure I liked it.  Here it is!

I think it's gonna be great!  Let the painting begin!