Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wonder Women!

It took about eight months to re-wire, re-plumb, re-everything at our Coast Awhile Cottage renovation and while all that work was happening I was dreaming along with Jane Coslick about how to furnish the house.
We knew we would use neutral colored furniture (mostly white) with pops of color to bring the rooms to life.  Lots of window shopping for bargains happened and then lots of purchases.

So glad Henry helped me this day--we had 8 (!) carts of stuff from IKEA.  One of their warehouse associates helped us wheel everything up to the register and then we were on our own--good thing Henry is strong!
Once again--just like with The Coral Cottage adventure in this post--I drove a big U-Haul truck to Tybee with everything from IKEA plus all the other goodies that had been accumulated.  Once I got there Patricia McCoury from Tybee Girl Helpers and two of her helpers...
 jumped on the truck and unloaded everything in short order...
 How these ladies got the sofa up the stairs I do not know--they are super strong!  Then before I knew it they had put the sofa and the chairs together!  It was impressive!

Tybee Girls?  More like Wonder Women!
Heather Burdine, Patricia McCoury, and Rene Entrekin
Thanks ladies!  You'll be hearing from me when it's time to move into Doc Holiday!



  1. yep...I'd keep their numbers handy if I were you!!
    Can you help me with a dilemma since you are such a color pro?! Getting ready to start repainting my lake house. wanna do master bedroom in a turquoise and other bedroom in white with a kiwi green ceiling. bathroom is in the middle of those two rooms...thinking white with navy, turquoise and a shot of the green. Have you ever seen that combo? trim navy? or a stripe at top with the blues? I'm so confused. have looked everywhere online to find ideas.
    have you got any tybee ideas??? pretty plz??

    1. Don't know how big your lake house is...just keep in mind that if you paint the ceiling kiwi green (which I love, by the way) it will appear to be lower. If the ceiling is high that won't be a problem but it it is low, maybe just paint everything white and use kiwi green in the furnishings as an accent.....As far as the bathroom goes, how about keeping the bathroom neutral with white and look for a colorful shower curtain that incorporates your colors? Then get bath rugs in colors that pull from the shower curtain? Target (in-store) is a good place to look--they have a line of fast-dry towels with every color you can imagine and matching bath rugs! I think you might be able to find something in a shower curtain with navy, turquoise and green. I'm sure you could find turquoise and green at least because they are commonly paired. Try googling "navy turquoise green shower curtain" and see what happens. I'll try to keep an eye out for you when I'm shopping online too. Good luck with your project--it sounds like fun!