Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coast Awhile Cottage

Way back in January I posted about a cottage I had been working on at Tybee with Jane Coslick. It didn't have a name yet but we eventually named it "Coast Awhile Cottage".  
It was expected to be a big project because the house had five bedrooms and an additional 
one bedroom apartment under roof!

 Little did we know what an even bigger project it was going to become...we thought it mostly needed cosmetic changes but as we began to work on the punch list from our home inspection we found dangerous wiring behind the walls and serious issues with the plumbing:(

Suffice it to say, it took much more time and cash to do this house justice than we had anticipated--Talk about your learning experiences--whew!  But we did what we needed to and then some and now it is safe, sound, and absolutely gorgeous!  

I love the way the house turned out and want to take you through the process of fixing it up.  So we will bounce around a bit as I show you Coast Awhile Cottage and have periodic updates on how Doc Holiday is coming along.

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