Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Be Fearless!

It's time to walk through the connector to the "little house".  Many (including our builder, Anthony) believe that it used to be a summer kitchen.  Back in the days before air-conditioning, people would do their cooking in a separate kitchen to avoid heating up their home in the summer.

 It has most recently been used by the former owners as a bedroom and bathroom and we plan to use it for sleeping space and bath as well.

I'll show you the BEFORE and then the AFTER demolition...

BEFORE looking out toward the front porch
AFTER demo--so excited to find the raised ceiling!  It will help make this tiny space feel bigger.
Tiny front porch AFTER (there is no before available)--it will eventually get some rails and if the budget permits, we will screen it.
AFTER demo
BEFORE with window AC units in the shower--oh yeah!
AFTER demo--eewwww!
 Our design consultant, Jane Coslick, says she thinks I'm fearless!  I would add that just maybe I'm also a little crazy :)  I know we have a long way to go but I think it is 
going to be beautiful---in a few weeks!  

And so on we go...stay tuned 'cause things will change fast!

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